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The Deadfaced Dimension - Various Artists [mp3]

  • Wykonawca Various Artists
  • Data premiery 2015-01-12
  • Nośnik CD

Tracklista:1. The Invasion (Intro)2. Strange Man in Mask5. Knock Knock3. The Deadfaced Dimension4. Outta Control6. Bad Attitude7. Temple of Disease (Tha Playah Remix)8. Santiago9. Shadowman10. Street Fighter11. Just Like Me12. Wake Up Fucked Up13. Vato (Hardbouncer Remix)14. Messing With the Wrong Man1. From the Blackness2. Necroslave (N-Vitral Remix)3. Don't Fuck With Me4. Messenger of God5. Relinquish6. Odious7. Claim You8. Burn This MF Down9. Take U Back (Mad Dog Remix)10. Dirty Man11. Get MF Raw12. Blooshed13. Fresh With the Gargle14. The People Got a Choice1. Mindscape2. When You're Gone3. Carnival of Doom (Official Dominator Anthem)4. The Desecrated5. New World Order6. Pagans7. Bring the Pain8. Slice Em Up9. Immortal10. Full Gentle Racket11. Reason to Hate12. Chaos & Evil (Andy the Core Remix)13. Inframan14. Deathmask

  • Tytuł The Deadfaced Dimension
  • Liczba nośników 3
  • Rodzaj opakowania Box
  • Wymiary w opakowaniu [mm] 20 x 127 x 140
  • Indeks 32305555
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