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The Singer - Liza Minnelli [mp3]

  • Wykonawca Liza Minnelli
  • Data premiery 2017-04-28
  • Nośnik CD / Album

Tracklista:1. I Believe in Music2. Use Me3. I'd Love You to Want Me4. Oh, Babe, What Would You Say?5. You're So Vain6. Where Is the Love?7. The Singer8. Don't Let Me Be Lonely Tonight9. Dancing in the Moonlight10. You Are the Sunshine of My Life11. Baby, Don't Get Hooked On Me12. Mr. Emery Won't Be Home13. All That Jazz (From 'Chicago')14. My Own Best Friend (From 'Chicago')15. Me and My Baby (From 'Chicago')

  • Tytuł The Singer
  • Liczba nośników 1
  • Indeks 34796894
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