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My Personal Culloden - Jock Scot [mp3]

  • Wykonawca Jock Scot
  • Data premiery 2015-08-14
  • Nośnik CD / Album

Tracklista:1. Easy to Write2. Gay Paean to Thierry3. Above the Volcano4. Someone's Yearning5. Tape Your Head On6. Just Another F**ked Up Litttle Druggy7. Farewell to FERODO8. There's a Hole in Daddy's Arm9. Good God10. Domestic Bliss11. Thunder Over Kilburn12. A Certain Beauty13. Norman Vaughan's Blues14. The Underdog15. While Cars Passing By16. All Over the World, Girls Are Dreaming17. Nuts18. Going Off Someone

  • Tytuł My Personal Culloden
  • Liczba nośników 1
  • Wymiary w opakowaniu [mm] 6 x 130 x 131
  • Indeks 32724400
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