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Kung Fu Super Sounds - [mp3]

  • Wykonawca Various Artists
  • Data premiery 2014-07-07
  • Nośnik CD

Tracklista: 1. Counterspy (From Dirty Ho)2. Horror House (From the Four Assassins)3. Suppression (From Two Champions of Shaolin)4. Drama Bridge (From Two Champions of Shaolin)5. Waiting for the Man (From Shaolin Mantis)6. Drama Sting 1 (From Shaolin Mantis)7. Perception in Rhythm (From Shaolin Handlock)8. Grotte Sous - Marine (From Shaolin Handlock)9. Rite De La Terre - Earth (From Avenging Eagle)10. Violence (From Invincible Shaolin)11. Old Dark Horse (From Heaven and Hell)12. Moonbird (From Heaven and Hell)13. Dr Witch-wot (From Heaven and Hell)14. Spin Out (From Heaven and Hell)15. Tension Trip (From Dirty Ho)16. Troubled Mind (From Dirty Ho)17. Crime Club (From Dirty Ho)18. Fast Moving Stranger (From Dirty Ho)19. Violent Pay Off (From Dirty Ho)20. Violence Link 1 (From Dirty Ho)21. Electro Beat 5 (From the Kung Fu Instructor)22. Counter Kill (From the Kung Fu Instructor)23. Two Minutes Precisely (From Ten Tigers of Kwang Tung)24. Industrial Complex (From the Master)25. Electro Beat (From the Master)26. Red Sequence (From Bat Without Wings)27. Electro Link 18 (From Return to the 36th Chamber)28. For and Against (From Return to the 36th Chamber)29. Bitter Lemons (From Flag of Iron)30. The Mystified Man (From Flag of Iron)31. The Tournament (From Heroes Shed No Tears)32. Duck and Blacker (From Martial Club)33. Face to Face (From My Young Auntie)34. Sentry (From Masked Avengers)35. In the Shadows (From House of Traps)36. Jackboot (From House of Traps)37. Dogarnit (From Hex After Hex)38. Zenith (From Hex After Hex)39. Abimes Souterrains (From Human Skin Lanterns)40. Moog Shot 25 (From Buddah's Palm)41. Manoeuvres (From the Bastard Swordsman)42. Nerve Stretch 2 (From the Bastard Swordsman)43. Dodge City 1 (From Return to the 36th Chamber)

  • Tytuł Kung Fu Super Sounds
  • Dystrybutor Gardners Books Ltd
  • Liczba nośników 1
  • Wymiary w opakowaniu [mm] 10 x 142 x 126
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